Everything you’ve never done before has a risk attached with it. Whether it is learning how to drive, learning how to swim, starting a new business, speaking in front of a group etc.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

There are 4 things most people are afraid of…

1. What others might say about your idea. Fear of rejection or unfair criticism.

2. Fear of failure or your own lack of ability to complete the task.

3. Fear of a future unknown.

4. Fear of losing what you already have. It’s not that the current situation is appealing, but the devil you know…

To conquer your fears, first you must be aware of the fears. Then understand what makes you afraid, and ask yourself if the fear is mostly imagined or real. If it is real, what can you do to mitigate the risks?

Most people have felt the emotion called fear, champions learn to move forward in spite of it. The fear isn’t the problem. The problem is your paralysis and procrastination. Winning is learning how to dance with the fear.

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