Are You Feeling Unworthy of Greatness?

Take a minute to answer this question: What do you want to be awarded for? 

That’s a great starting point to figure out what it is you want to live for and be remembered by after you’re gone. 

There are over 2000+ professions to choose from. So much stuff you can possibly be doing with your life. It’s okay sometimes to be confused. Lord knows I’ve been confused many times- before entering University, picking a course for my Master’s degree, choosing what job to settle in, selecting what niche to focus my consulting business, etc. But don’t stay that way. Simply answer the question- “What would I love to be awarded for?” and start charting a path that leads to that. 

With the world population nearing 7 billion people, many people aren’t actively reaching their potential. Many are content being able to watch cable t.v and see others win trophies, awards, medals, prizes, contests and competitions. Why do you think there are several similar talent shows going on now? People simply want to watch others lead awesome lives and put their talents on display. 

But we are all talented, albeit in remarkably different ways. However since we were only tested mostly for English and Maths skills while growing up- too many of us rank our intelligence based on the opinion of how we scored in these subjects. But intelligence in the 21st Century goes beyond these subjects- it is about being able to innovate and solve problems. 

And there are at least seven types of intelligences: 

1. Linguistic

2. Mathematical 

3. Spatial 

4. Culinary 

5. Kinesthetic 

6. Musical

7. Intrapersonal

Wanna know more on the various types of intelligence? Google it up. Bottomline, stop kidding yourself. You have all it takes to thrive and not merely survive. 100billion cells in your brain can attest to that, so go out and use what you have. Make Your Life a Blockbuster! 

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