Find an Excuse to be Successful

Too many times, the would-be failures will find an EXCUSE to fail e.g. I’m too fat or  I’m too ugly or I didn’t graduate from University or I’ve got no money or I don’t have any contacts etc.


On the flip side, successful people however, will find a REASON to be successful despite facing the same set of circumstances losers faced.


They just phrase it differently e.g. “I failed at the movie auditions as they didn’t like my looks, so I became determined to be a public speaker instead” or “My ex-girlfriend left my ass for some rich dude, so I decided to become richer than him and I even bought his company”.


Find an “excuse” to be successful in 2017?

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One thought on “Find an Excuse to be Successful

  1. Thanks for reminding me that excuse are d nails lazy men use to build their houses. My challenges should b my catalyst to that success, I hear sir… Cheers