Finding Yourself

Sheep all look the same. Spare parts too, snow flakes and sand. All easily replaceable, each one can be mistaken for the other. Luckily we are not sheep. We don’t all have to blend in, get led in a herd, fit into a pen.

We can be who we are. We can learn to embrace all of what we are capable of becoming. The summary of our experiences, our values, our virtues, our vices, our quirks, individual perspectives, social contacts and upbringing makes us as unique as a fingerprint.

The challenge of course is that most of us would rather be someone else or be like someone else; which really is impossible. It leaves us denying huge parts of who we truly are and what we’re capable of.

While we hide our “bad” parts, cover up our vulnerability, deny our weaknesses, it keeps us aware of a shadow that keeps following us. And because we haven’t fully accepted ourselves warts, imperfections, mistakes, shortcomings and all, we keep holding back from moving forward. We no longer give ourselves permission to fully lead lives of our design due to our limiting beliefs of our capability and rules on how we must look like, speak like or act like.

We use these weaknesses of ours as excuses to stop us from moving forward. Successful people succeed in spite of all their weaknesses. So T.D Jakes in obese, Banky W is as bald as Jason Statham, T.B Joshua certainly isn’t the most engaging preacher, Oprah isn’t married, Charlie Sheen is an achoholic, Genevieve has a child out of wedlock, Patience has poor command of English, Tuface is a womanizer, Asa isn’t a prom queen, that pastor had an affair… so what?

They succeeded despite of all these seeming “weaknesses” and the pressure that society expectations can bring – if we buy into that “herd mentality”. True success requires that we learn how to deal with social pressure and rise up in spite of it. In finding what we’re uniquely qualified and able to do and then do just that.

To realize that we don’t have to be perfect to start, we are in a perfect place. That we don’t have to become someone else. We are already somebody. Be you – find yourself and embrace you for who you are warts and all.

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