It’s easy to misunderstand the meaning of social media. Many misunderstand it to mean having thousands of followers on Twitter and having hundreds of likes on Facebook.

Few imagine followership to be something more. A chance to truly make a difference and matter. Of course it’s also easy to opt out of greatness or the chance to celebrate your onlyness. To play safe and try to be famous, to be popular by being popular. To dress to fashion and speak on the latest trends and hottest gossip and news. To try speaking to everyone and no one at the same time. To say only politically correct jokes and share photoshopped picture perfect lives for the world to witness and say, “Oh! What a marvel s/he is!” That’s all pretty easy. The challenge of course is that because it is, nearly everyone seems to be doing just that. Very few of them will ever matter.

It’s harder to share your scars and pains. To take a stand for something more than a headline. To start a movement for a value or principle that you hold dearly. But it matters to do so. Because through sharing with others your new ideas and ideals, the possibilities and passions, values and vulnerability can you truly encourage others than they too can make a difference. Like what Obi Ezekwesili is doing. Or what Fela did.

You don’t need a million followers to make a difference. Or a church the size of an stadium. Jesus had only twelve followers and no Twitter handle. And even though one of them was doubtful, another a coward and the book-keeper turned out to be a sell-out. Look what he did!

What are you doing with your social circle? That’s your social capital. Spend it wisely.

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