For Such A Time As This: Lesson from the World’s 1st Beauty Queen.

Sometimes we complain about the many problems surrounding us.

Sometimes we are dismayed, afraid and overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the challenges that lie ahead.

Sometimes we feel a little bit insignificant and we think, what can I, just one person do?

So we feel like hiding our heads in sand like an ostrich.

Ostrich with head in the sand

But your heritage along with your mistakes and mishaps, long-suffering, trials and temptations, experiences both good and bad, relationships both ex and present, peculiar history, understanding and your unique positioning has led you here thus far.

It is not by accident, for you were created for a purpose and placed in your environment and present situation for such a time as this.

So why not assume you were made to blossom in this moment? You might surprise yourself and bloom.

Just as Queen Esther did for the Jews. Here was a young Jewish girl, who incidentally had won the first ever known beauty pageant in history. Her prize? To become queen to Xerxes, a king known for getting drunk and making rash royal decrees like banning his first wife, Vashti from ever seeing his face again. Esther was Vashti’s replacement as queen.

Queen Esther

King Xerxes 1 was about to make another yet rash decision, to put an end to all Jews living in Persia (much like Hitler tried to do in the World War II), all based on the lies and agenda of a man called Haman.

Young Queen Esther, was asked to intercede on behalf of her people, the Jews. Naturally, she felt both weak and insignificant; then she encouraged herself with prayers and fasting and took definitive actions that dispelled her fears and changed King Xerxes heart and won the deliverance of the Jews from perishing under the wicked plan of Haman. Even now, at such a time as this, the resolute actions you take may be the key turning point that makes a difference in the lives of present and future generations.

So don’t look down on yourself or talk down your abilities. ¬†Face each day with renewed hope, zeal and realize that God who has led you here thus far will not let you down. Our hope isn’t built on mere motivational words or pop psychology. Our hope is derived from our faith in God. Faith is our ability to believe without doubting whatever God has revealed. And hope is a function of faith, and is the elixir to doubt and fear. Hope breeds courage and boldness, it enables us to dream up new ideas and have the inner-confidence to not only draw up strategies but also to execute them successfully.

Go forward this week and conquer new territory. Brave up to new challenges and arise to each occasion because far greater is He inside of you that the circumstances surrounding you.

I believe in you.


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