#ForMenOnly: Stay Committed

Having a beard is the new cool. It’s as fashionable as it ever was to grow one (not for everyone).


But weary not if you cannot,  because once upon a time it was tribal marks in Nigeria and afro in the West. Believe it or not, these things soon grow out of fashion again with the next Bond movie.


But boys, while growing a beard, grow a brain too. As dedicated and diligent as you were to successfully grow a beard, commit yourself to your personal development.


It’s not softwork. It’s hard work, but like going to the gym, you can’t hire someone else to do your crunches and press-ups. So work at it like you do on your beard. Show some commitment in becoming a better version of yourself.


Success, knowledge and wisdom never go out of fashion. Grow a beard by all means if you can and some biceps too. It’s a fashionable hit look. But also grow your brain and library. It never goes out of fashion.

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