Generation Y

While I was at the University between 1999-2003, my dad promised me a car if I scored a 4.0 out of 5.0 in my GPA. How cool was that?

So I quickly figured that if I get straight-B’s and a maybe couple of A’s, that ought to do the trick and hopefully offset the E in Statistics (I hate Maths). So I buckled up and gave it my best shot.

The car I was being promised was owned by my mum. She has a colourful history of recruiting bad drivers and the roads in Warri were not exactly as smooth as silk. Now this car was a beauty, it was as an army-green coloured 2000-model Honda Civic and I totally loved it. So I watched each driver really carefully and was very critical if the driver was too fast, too rough or even increased the volume of the stereo too much. Why was I being so anal?

Well, because I knew that someday it would be mine, so I was committed to ensuring it was in great condition.

That brings me to the reason for this post, people born between 1980-1990 are called Generation Y. They are also called millennials, echo boomers and internet generation for obvious reasons.

Sometimes millennials are described as being narcissistic, independent, non-conformists and a liberal generation who support legalization of marijauana, abortion, same-sex marriages and selfies etc. I don’t agree with all of the above, just some of these viewpoints. However perhaps Generation-Y especially in Africa had better start taking the future into their hands or risk becoming the biggest losers even in the richest economic times in all human history.

Generation-Y must learn to be more critical with our politicians, more outspoken against bad governance, more vigilant that our nation’s resources are not squandered, more vocal about our viewpoints and generally more involved. We must live up to our name and start asking Why?

– Why the Petroleum Industry Bill hasn’t been passed?

– Why NNPC’s audit isn’t public knowledge despite the Freedom of Information Act. Isn’t NNPC a public body?

– Why the judicial system is so skewed against the poorest of the poor?

– Why there are 42 Ministries and only 5 well known ministers?

And other similar questions. We must decide between being just connected with each other via the Internet and social media and make another step forward to becoming more committed to causes, projects, beliefs and values.

True, our current crop of political leaders may be recycled, old and aged, but luckily one thing they are not is vampires! So eventually they will die and we will take over.

Will there be anything left then?

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