God and Google

Despite all the talk about youth unemployment, I find out that a lot of graduates today are not only unemployable but most of them are out of sync with the economic realities.

Many graduates still have the old flowery-pipe dreams which they nurtured as undergraduates, dreams of earning a 6-digit monthly income in spite of possessing only a 2-digit I.Q. It’s completely unrealistic expectations which must be managed or else they can get disillusioned and hope becomes despair. So except your family is really rich and well connected then no qualms. But then again you won’t need a stressful job, just grab a pay check from Daddy at the end of every month for upkeep and keeping up with the Kardashians.

If you’re not in the 1% of Nigerians with this sort of luxury, then perhaps it’s time to get serious about life after NYSC. It’s time to ask yourself some serious questions like, “Who am I?”, “What can I offer to my employer?”, “What am I willing to learn now that although uncomfortable in the short-run can lead to my long term success”.

Bottom line: What do I bring to the table?

This is more than being psyched up by motivational speeches or hyped up on faith by inspired men of God. No sir. This has to do with your ability to bring something to the table that isnt just 2-3 pages of fancy words on expensive paper called a curriculum viate. There’s no point having a pretty shapely girl as a life-guard if she can’t swim!

A job interview is also more than bringing only your own expectations of what the ideal monthly salary from your potential employer should be. It’s a two-way bargain. A give-and-take.

To get a foot in the door, it is about caring enough to want to know about the nature of the job and the industry as much as you can. It is about bringing in fresh ideas straight out on how you can help add value to the team. It is about your willingness to learn a field you’ve never tried before. In the modern day interview, 2 things matter most- your curiosity and your attitude.

If you’re curious enough, then you will be willing to learn a thing or two about the organization even before coming for an interview. It’s not hard to do now there’s social media, Google and every company has a website address. That way you can ask insightful questions even before you’re asked any questions after the initial pleasantries of the introduction. That’s always a game changer.

If you have intellectual and emotional intelligence, then you would go beyond just asking questions to actually proferring likely ideas and solutions on how you can be of help. Now that’s a potential 5 star worker!

One of my favourite staff never really did any traditional interview. I’d engaged her for a temporary job to serve as an executive assistant on an out-of-town training program that was to last 5 days on our Applied Framework for Business Innovation workshop. After 2 days of working with the audience of about 25 senior level managers of a top oil company with her charm and magic, she had some emergency and was unavoidably absent on Wednesday.

The delegates at the meeting gave me grief that day. They kept asking after her and hounding me with questions and veiled threats like, “If you sacked her, better hire her now or no payment for you”. This interest was coming from both men and women alike. I realized that this temporary staff, Nonye, who was in-between jobs at the time had captured their hearts with her level of professionalism and her caring nature.

I hired her the next day for a full-time job and she then relocated to Abuja after a month. We never had a formal interview. There simply wasn’t a need to. The best part was that she proved my hunch to be right also! She’s raked in profits, goodwill and developed new products and markets for the organisation since then. She’s also learned new skills and techniques to be more valuable as a person. She’ll always be in demand.

Such is the power of being proactive. It’s a principle that never fails and can never go unnoticed. So in case you’re ever seeking for a new job vacancy, new appointment whether political or otherwise, aim to at least do your homework and tailor your knowledge and skill towards what you can do for your employer rather than focus on what they can do for you. There are things God will do, but there are also some which you must do like using Google. Now I believe that God’s grace can make a way when there seems to be no way and get you in the door of key decision makers. You should concern yourself with your attitude and aptitude. Give Him a break.

Make Your Life a Blockbuster.

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11 thoughts on “God and Google

    • Thanks I.K. I’ll keep writing then so you can keep learning more. Sometime ago I was tempted to stop writing, but someone told me to continue. I realized I wasn’t writing for just myself, I now owed it to hundreds of people to keep writing these lessons and stories.

  1. Yes Ebuka.. Your articles are not just brilliant but simply remarkable. God bless that person who encouraged you to keep writing and God bless you too. I believe this good deed would indeed return to you, a thousand times over, clothed in the circumstances of your life. More grease to your elbows Mr. Jean Paul. Stay blessed

    • @Ugo, I’ll be happy to, but you’re so well-paid already, I fear that we can’t afford to take care of your needs. Maybe when I start robbing banks or become a politician:)