Going Beyond the Job Description.

How employees can increase their value in the workplace

Due to the nature of my work, I sleep in more hotels than your average runs-girl 😏

And I find that the porters and bell hops at most hotels, don’t have a simple tin of shoe polish and brush- a total investment of just N400!! The shoe brush is N100 and Kiwi Polish is N300.

This is despite the fact that nearly 80% of the hotel rooms are booked by men. Business men… that wear either black or brown shoes. And likely have meetings in the morning where they would like to make a great impression with shiny shoes. Men who are ready to tip N200-N500 for this simple service.

So why don’t the porters latch on to this idea?

Because like most employees, they limit their role to the limited job description and refuse to use their imagination in thinking of how to be of more value to others.

I think, the sales girl should show an interest in what’s going on in the administration. And the secretary should also seek fair knowledge on a business customers and marketing.

Dont think of how little effort you can get away with at the end of the day. Rather look for how many new things you can learn and even do.

Your pay will quickly rise to your new skill set and knowledge.

Whatever your present job, realize that earning money is simply looking for problem to solve and positioning yourself as the solution provider effectively.

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