Going Fishing

Getting customers is like going fishing. The big fishermen use trawlers (marketing teams) and massive fishing nets (billboards, TV ads).

The lone fisherman is like a self-employed independent professional, s/he can’t afford that and so s/he uses a simple rod (unique selling point).

Which is fine, since you have less mouths to feed and overhead expenses to care about. So how do you catch fish?

1) First you need to go out to a lake or river with your fishing rod (unique selling point).

2) Figure out where your preferred fish swim (customers), and go there.

3) Bait your hook with a nice fat juicy worm (free offer) and be patient.

You might have to wait some more…

If you don’t get any fish today, change the location in Step 2 but repeat 3 with an even fatter worm.

When eventually you do hook a fish in a location, repeat Step 3 again and again.

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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