Are You a Gold-mine or a Gold-digger?

#GoldMine or #GoldDigger?


What use is gold buried underground?


What good is talent if it is not put to use?


Some people are like untapped goldmines. They are full of uncovered resources which they don’t know how to make use of. And if they do, they often lack the resourcefulness to fully optimize it.


Gold mines need a miner or if you like, a gold digger, one who will invest untold amount of energy, resources and time in discovering the untapped resources, then proceed to developing it and distributing it.


On the other hand, some other people are like the miners or if you like: gold-diggers (a frequently abused word). These categories include but are not limited to: event promoters, marketers, teachers, great statesmen, coaches, investors, managers, brokers, talent scouts, artiste managers, real estate agents, directors, writers, producers etc who do the most incredible and impossible stuff for others, who most often can be best described as the unwilling, unknowing or sometimes ungrateful.


The best miners are those who have the passion and experience to bear. They have done so much, for so long, with so little, they are now qualified to do anything with nothing.


Great relationships and partnerships exist when the Mine and the Miner work together in harmony.


Every Mine deserves a great miner. Every Miner should find a Mine and seek to optimize it. Plan for success by serving others.

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