Hard Times

Sometimes we neither fully appreciate nor understand what wonders hard times can do to us. Like the same sun that hardens the clay and softens the ice, hard times can work wonders on us too.

Hard times softens our hearts and makes us vulnerable. It sometimes forces us to have faith. To cry for help. To need a friend. Eventually those times fade away. And we get stronger, better and wiser.

We grow our business and own our game. But we are still able to relate with the growing pains of another who is still learning the rules of the game and struggling to get by. We hear their silent pleas for help in quiet desperation and we reach out to them. It could be a hug, a listening ear, a soft loan, a gift, an anonymous donation.

We reach out and we surprise others because despite our hard looks, tough talk and street savvy nature, we are still able to relate to basic human suffering- and anything less than a 3 square meal a day, shelter on your head and clothes on your back is suffering. We assist. It’s not being philantrophic, it’s called being human.

Help someone today.

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2 thoughts on “Hard Times

  1. This is a very thoughtful and lesson-filled post. We remain in suffering when we don’t ask for help. And being of help to your neighbour is being human and not philantrophic. ℓ love this