Have You Ever Been Misled by Google?

Just the other day I went to visit a friend at Brookshore Estate, Karsana somewhere in the suburbs of Abuja, to check out farm project.

My friend told me specifically where to drive to; and he will meet me up and bring me to his farm.

But I was feeling like The Smart Hustler and decided to ignore his directions and instead just make use of Google Maps to fuel my hustle.

Thirty minutes later, following the confident descriptions from the lady on Google Map I ended up 20 minutes AWAY from where I was supposed to be! And the woman dishing out the wrong instructions proudly announces, “You have arrived”.

Auntie, excuse me, arrived where I muse? 🙄

I was lost, confused and slightly embarrassed. I then had to call my friend who laughed at me for the first 2 minutes of that phone call before I followed his prior instructions.

But isnt this what happens to most of us?

We imagine that more free information provided via a Google Search can solve all our problems. But the reality in most cases is that the search results may be sincerely wrong!

Sincerity is not a indicator of truth (write that down)…

Or the search results might even be right, but it’s not suitable your present circumstances or unique situation.

Have you ever done a Google search for symptoms of your cough and ended up thinking you’re dying of AIDS? I know I have….😏

Bottomline, we must learn to seek expert opinion and not general counsel or beer parlour talk when it comes to attaining our goals or pursuing our dreams. Otherwise like my 20 minutes misadventure, it can be become 2 years of strategy misalignment for you!

Get a coach, mentor or business advisor who knows the way, has gone the way and will show the way.

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