Have You Scored Lately?


Have a well written goal.

Something scribbled on a Post-it note would suffice.

The power is not in the Post-it note. It lies in the constant reminder of what you should be focused on each and every day.

So stick it on your bedroom mirror or on the front cover of your Bible (if you read it often). Carry it around with you in your wallet or make it your smart-phone’s wallpaper. Just be sure it’s somewhere you can see it often.  That way you commit both your subconscious and conscious mind to make connections on how to achieve that definite goal.

But having a goal and leaving it stored only in your brain and letting it compete with the approximately 60,000 thoughts you have in your head daily won’t do. It makes your goal watered down into a mere wish. Are you Aladdin?

A definite written goal + Post it + a positive mind-set equals infinite possibilities.

I’ve tried it and yes it does work almost as good as a magic lamp… just don’t expect it immediately. You’re not a kid anymore.

Can’t find a Post-It? Write on the wall or ceilings with a permanent marker, I’m sure it does the trick.

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