How I Managed to Get Duped

by a street hustler

On Wednesday evening, I was rushing to catch the 7:45pm Air Peace flight to Lagos.

Well it seemed like everything was working against me, traffic flow, traffic lights, soldiers and even the Uber driver seemed to be slower than usual.

By the time I arrived at the airport, it was already 7:35p.m and boy was I worked up!

The hustlers cricling at the front of the departure gates must have read my body language and distress on my face like vultures. And quickly stepped in to “assist”.

The lead character is wearing a lemon green vest, the type that road traffic wardens would wear completw with a blue i.d card (looks legit). He requests for my identity card and boarding details. I quickly hand it over.

He makes a move to call his colleague at the airport to tag my luggage at the foot of the plane. They seem to be an argument on the other end of the phone, my hero was pleading for me – his new “friend”.

He mentions that I will have to part with N5,450 for this guy to facilitate the boarding. I haggle that I can only give N2,000 and pretend to walk away. He calls me back, takes the cash and points at someone at the Air Peace desk, suggesting that he would complete the transaction.

I walk towards the guy and realize that there is no rush. The counter is deserted primarily because there is a 1 hour delay.i turn around to find my green-vested angel… He has since disappeared.

I laugh at myself. Flight is even delayed for 3 hours!

3 Lessons Learnt from my N2000 tuition fee.

1. Know how to read your customers (targets) and identify their pain points. Be sure also that people are also profiling you!

However my BIGGEST takeaway echoes the words of Machiavelli, anyone who wishes to make a profession of goodness in everything will come to the sad knowledge that there are many who aren’t so good.

Therefore it is necessary to learn how not to be good, and know when to use this new knowledge or not used based on logistics and circumstances.

2. Price rises when there is a need for urgency/speed or a deadline to meet.

3a. Lack of accurate information or the impression that you’re pressed for time gives the other party leverage at a negotiation.

3b. Even a Smart Hustler can be hustled by a street hustler. So next time, trust but verify, always be on guard, it’s a jungle out there.

Keep learning!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever be duped by a street hustler?

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