How to Solve a Problem

My garden, millipedes and IPOB

In my home we have a nice little garden. It’s a beautiful spot to host guests, do barbecues, have the kids swim in a blowup pool, impromptu prayer meetings and chill out.

But lately we had a problem. We were besieged by millipedes.

Like these hundred-legged crawling insects are all over the place in their thousands!


I thought I hated flies. But I hate this things x100 more.

We needed fumigation.

Luckily my good friend, Olumide Adewakun does just that. Well technically not just that. He’s also a trauma surgeon, deejay, polo player and an aikido badass.

So I ring him up and he hooks me up with a solution.

They die in their hundreds.

Others hide away like the IPOB leaders.

No shade intended. A metaphor.

But later the millipedes come back again.

Now they seem to be even more sympathizers and followers after my show of force is over. Infact its more than I can remember having the first time.

How long can I keep fumigating? It’s a expensive project to maintain over long periods.

I thought about proscribing them. Not sure that will work.

So I do some further research work on Google and asked a gardener.

And now I find out that the millipedes have been breeding. Not so dissimilar to the seeds of discord amongst the multiple tribes seeking for relevance or a referendum have been demanding in Nigeria.

And I knew I had to tackle this from the source. And get a lasting solution.

Because when a problem requires more than a quick fix, perhaps it’s right to dig deeper at the causes than simply seek to eradicate the effects.



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