How To Think Through Your Business Ideas

The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic

Sometimes people come to me with a business idea, and instead of getting all super-excited about the “opportunity”, I start to criticise and find loopholes.

A few get dissappointed or even dismayed 😨 But its really simple… if you dreamt up the idea, then I have to become either a Realist or even a Pessimist in order to find the untested assumptions built into your business idea.

I go through the same process when I have an idea, I share it with people who I trust their thinking process to rigorously put my ideas to test through the art of asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

The questions will guide you towards getting or seeking answers to problems that you haven’t yet figured out as a result perhaps of your own enthusiasm.

So please don’t just go along with friends who think your ideas are great and avoid asking you the tough questions.

Instead after dreaming, seek out a producer(s) whom you can partner with to flesh out your ideas and then before market launch also seek to be criticised by someone who knows their onions from tomatoes.

Have a superb week!


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