How Valuable are You in the Marketplace?

Everybody is of equal value in the eyes of God.

But we all have different values placed on us when we step into the market place.

Wiz Kid can command N10million for an appearance.

Nobody ever paid to hear me sing!

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan can be paid $20,000 for a 30minutes keynote.

Barack Obama can be paid $200,000 for same keynote!

So if you’re not well paid as an employee or perhaps you don’t command the high fees as a self-employed professional, then maybe your present skill-set is simply not very valuable in the market place.

Or perhaps it could be your market positioning.

The good news is, on any given day, you can choose to invest time, effort and money to learning those skills today, that can make you a lot more attractive in the marketplace tomorrow….

Well… maybe not literally tomorrow, but surely a man’s station in life isn’t forever limited by the condition of his birth or present circumstances.

I hope you’re having enjoying the warmth and spirit of Christmas?

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