Hustle While You Wait

‎A few months ago, a young man came in to enquire about a job opening at my office. He is politely informed that we currently have no openings. He thanks us for the audience, requests to drop his résumé and wait for whenever an opportunity arises. We oblige him and put his curriculum vitae in a folder labeled ‘Pending’.

Then another young man of about the same age and qualifications, comes in about 2 weeks later. We repeat the same dance routine. But he has a twist to his own dance moves. He’s not willing to drop his résumé and go home and wait for an opportunity. Instead he requests to see the Managing Director for a talk. He is quite persuasive and so my assistant obliges him.

We have a chat and he offers to volunteer his services until an opportunity comes along. He is quite persuasive (I think I mentioned this before). So he comes on-board and proves to be worth his weigh in gold. About a six weeks later he has an employment letter from us. We don’t even bother conducting interviews for other possible candidates.

Barely four months later I began to coach him on how to start his own practice. I realized he had a passion for helping kids learn, which I thought was a great niche market judging by how much attention parents devote to their kids welfare. Today he has started his own educational coaching business and earns roughly three times what he was earning as an employee.

Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we ask or deserve, it gives us what we demand. So refuse to take the first “No” for answer and be flexible enough to change your approach but never lose sight of what goal you set your sights on. Never be merely interested in achieving a goal, be entirely committed- that’s you will achieve it. ‎

Hat tip to Henry Okoro (the volunteer candidate) for teaching me this lesson. ‎

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