Idea Vs. Innovation

The difference between an idea and innovation is the difference between having sex and child birth. No one congratulates you for having sex, people congratulate you after you successfully put to bed. Maybe that’s why Mother’s Day is more important than Father’s Day and celebrated several times in a year.

In a similar manner, no one congratulates you on successfully thinking up a great idea, the ones who get the kudos, fame, money and magazine cover is the one willing to put in the hard work, carry the pregnancy for 9 months and deliver. Delivery is everything. You can’t build a reputation based on what you intend on doing only on what you’ve already done.

So getting an idea is easy, like having sex, ideas are a dime a dozen! Converting the idea into an invoice is the hardest part. Innovation is like pregnancy, it requires patience, dedication, perseverance and a willingness to push especially when the labour gets tough.

To accomplish this, you’ll need midwives- friends, mentors and coaches who have accomplished what you intend achieving successfully. Coach Sam Obafemi in his 5th new book, My Valleys, shares with you his frustrations, mistakes and vulnerability about his journey from paid employment into a successful coaching career. The book is useful for anyone interested in making a leap in the same way an ante-natal class is important for pregnant women. So grab for yourself a copy of this great revealing book on, email for your copy at or call 2348073610884. Also it pays to be close to the hospital when pregnant with ideas, so follow Sam on Twitter- @sobafemi

P/S: Congratulations to Emeka and Chinyere Anyaene on the birth of your son.

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