I woke up by 2am to write this post. No, it wasn’t borne out of passion to write. Rather it was a nightmare that got me wide awake and afraid to go back to bed, add that to the fact that there was no air-condition as PHCN had struck. So I had a dream of seeing two people fight themselves to death while the crowd watched as they mercilessly stabbed each other with broken bottles.

No one separated the fight, no one jeered them on either. Nearly everyone was glued on the spot just watching the fight. Some went on with their business and only glanced casually at the fight scene. Others, especially the ladies, closed their eyes each time someone stabbed the opponent with the broken bottle. But no one separated the fight and both men died, or I think they did, that’s when I woke up. It was a nightmare.

Inaction is the bane of the trouble with human behaviour. We watch, when we should act. And when we act, we act too slow or too little too late. Like the joint military action task-force between Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun. This should have happened four years ago! But each nation thought, it wouldn’t spill over to their doorsteps.

The ongoing battle with Boko Haram is one way to look at inaction. The war against ISIS is another way to see inaction. The war against poverty in Africa is why we will keep seeing boat mishaps as desperate folks try to smuggle into Europe. The impending financial disaster in Greece will have ripple effects across Europe. The list goes on.

Another way is the smear campaign on our T.V sets against both political candidates- GMB and GEJ. It’s easy for Mr. President to tell the nation during his last media chat, that he doesn’t control what his friends have to say on television, but that’s a cop-out. That’s the easy thing to say, an easy road to travel, but leadership isn’t meant to be easy.

A better approach would be to stop all smear campaigns and divisive broadcasts that are geared towards peddling hatred and fear, and debate on topical issues and policies. But of course that will be too hard. No one ever accused a Nigerian politician of working too hard – never! Okay, maybe only during campaign period, I hear that they sometimes carry out two campaigns in two states per day, but that’s about the only time.

Bottom line, I think it’s time to call both parties in APC and PDP to stop fighting themselves and really start campaigning on who will lead us to Vision 2020. Promises are not policies. Smear campaigns are no good either. Let’s talk facts, figures and show us a blueprint for the next four not just your party’s manifesto and the opposition’s past mistakes and misdeeds.

If the leaders can allow such an open show of shame on national T.V stations, imagine what kind of message this inaction sends to their followers on a daily basis? Sometimes I wonder if they want this fight to be till…. let me leave that thought for another day. But for now, stop the fight.

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One thought on “INACTION

  1. This is too true, perhaps in this extra time that PDP, APC and the other 12 parties have they can use it for constructive things like- dealing with nation issue that will take us all(not just a few) to the Nigeria of our dreams. God bless Nigeria!!!!!!!