Information Overload

We have an abundance of motivational speakers, coaches, mentors, consultants, self proclaimed gurus and certified professionals of all sorts, colours and shades across the globe. Let’s not forget the pastors, priests, bishops, cardinals, monsignors, social commentators and all others involved in public enlightenment and social awakening.

This isn’t a strange phenomena, rather it is to be expected in the Information Age and Knowledge Economy. In a way the Agricultural Age had more farmers than ever before. The Industrial Age had more factory workers than ever before, so this is the turn for more people with knowledge to spring up and blossom.

Now in spite of all of these coaches and mentors, why aren’t we seeing the resulting leap in productivity and creativity across all sectors? Why are we still complaining of high unemployment in our country? Why is the same old problems of corruption, nepotism and religious violence still the order of the day?

These are tough questions to answer. There’s more than one answer and that answer might be incorrect, incomplete or biased. However I think what we lack the most is personal power. We lack the ability for self-leadership. The ability to take action and follow the first principle of highly-effective people as outlined by the late Stephen Covey, the willpower to be proactive.

We are weighed down not only by economic and religious problems. We are weighed down by our own inability to take massive action based on the knowledge we have.

If you want to be a farmer, a music teacher or a consultant, there are many books available to help guide you. If you don’t like reading much, there are thousands of audio-tapes and even Youtube videos to lecture you on how-to-start.

Ultimately, the problem isn’t just about how-to-start, it is simply about starting. Taking action. Most people with all the knowledge simply aren’t taking action! It’s like learning how to read in school but refusing to read a book afterwards. Like learning engineering for five years in the University then refusing to use the knowledge to better your community.

We need to discover a much more creative way to empower others to take action. To go beyond their limiting beliefs and create a life of their dreams and not stay stuck in wishful thinking and destructive patterns. This can be done using new technologies such as Neuro-linguistic Programming and other result oriented psychological tools.

I hope to be able to help my clients and hundreds of people discover their abilities, develop these abilities just as Christiano Ronaldo even though not as gifted as Lionel Messi but through sheer hard work and commitment has gained mastery and ultimately superiority in the game of football over more talented individuals. I’m going to be teaching people on radio how to gain personal power and master their destiny.

This program takes off on Saturday by 9:30am till 10am every Saturday on We F.M 106.3. So keep a date with me. Asides that I’ll be discussing on a variety of business a person can start with less than N1million capital. The show is called Idea 101 and it promises to be a blockbuster. I’ll appreciate your questions on air as you can call in the program. I won’t burden you so much with new information, rather what I hope is that you just get to start a business of your own and grow it. I’ll be your coach urging you to get started and reveal your light to the world.

Make Your Life a Blockbuster!

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2 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. Sir, your observation is so true and emphasizes the importance of accepting personal responsibility for every single thing happening in our lives. Thank you for your thought -provoking insight! I can’t wait for Saturday to come.