Is Poverty linked with Excessive Pride?


This intravenous injection💉 goes out to those who think they are better than other children of God made of same clay, dust and blood.

Look eh, I can’t even deal with wealthy people acting like they created the world and the moon and sun revolves around them. I just stay away from them. Or maintain a professional distance just enough to get my invoice paid 😏

But you see these poor proud people? They must under be a special kind of curse. I’ll give you examples of people who need this my early morning healing injection:

💉The die-hard illiterate Buhari supporter who brags with his second-hand okada while sleeping under a bridge that they own Nigeria. Bad behaviour!

💉The secretary of the big oga who has a bigger ego than her boss whom you’re waiting to have a meeting with. Nasty attitude.

💉The P.A to the S.A of the governor whose only tangible asset may be the govt issued I.D card that grants him access into government house. Yet acts as if he is now the governor’s godfather. Low self-esteem masquerading as pomposity. Nonsense and ingredients 😒

💉 The social media slay queen who thinks that having 10,000 followers who watch her twerk videos and thirst traps qualifies her to be Genevieve Nnaji. Mistaken identity.

💉The unemployed church worker that feels more important than the G.O because they stand directly behind the pastor’s chair. To the chorister who confuses our praise and worship to God as adulation of her vocal prowess.🙄

The above listed are a HUGE part of the problems with Nigeria. They will just be suffering and when their helper comes along, they will use their bad attitude to discourage any form of help from ever coming their way.

Being proud in these situations can make your poverty a permanent condition.

Receive sense 🙌🏽

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