Is the Devil scared of your Pastor?

Nigerians should grow up fast please poverty does not “die by fire”. Poverty dies by applying WORK to your FAITH.

Our version of Christianity is getting too embarrassing by the day. Today, any joker can register a “church”, rent a space, hire a choir, climb a pulpit and spewing all sorts of unsubstantiated philosophy, making claims and stage-manage a theatrics of “miracles”.

The alarming thing is that a crowd will soon gather and next thing you know they have an ardent followership ready to do go bankrupt to make pastor happy, fast for 40days and 40nights, abandon their home responsibilities and blindly be bamboozled.

I just wish we took our nation’s politics half as seriously as we regard religion Nigeria would be a much better country and millions will come to queue for our visa and perhaps fast and pray to marry our men and women.

Until then… we should enjoy seeing pastors spray money on themselves as they dance hypnotically on the altar, while using olive oil as anointed oil, selling rubber bands as amulets, turning our factories & warehouses into churches and using white handkerchiefs as a medium to the spiritual world.

But then ask yourself what is the difference between your antics and that of a babalawo?

I’ll leave you to answer that question.

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