I’ve got a bit of bad news….

I have some bad news and a bit of good news. Which do you want to hear first? Bad news?

Bad News: Your family members may not understand your dream. Your spouse may not share your passion. Some friends will forever doubt your abilities.

Good News: It doesn’t matter! So long as you have undying faith in yourself and remain optimistic- you’ll no doubt make it. Have the same faith and confidence like Neo in the Matrix.


As an entrepreneur, you must continue to believe and possess an undying faith in the beauty of your dreams regardless of how long or painful the process towards achieving it will take; knowing fully well that a baby’s delivery does not take place on the same day of conception.

So like any decent pregnant woman, you need to go for antenatal classes (surround yourself with like-minds who are on the same journey with you).

Go for periodic tests and checkup with a doctor (get a mentor or coach who can hold you accountable). Take your recommended tablets and vitamins (do the required reading and study: www.askebuka.com or www.success.com).

Seth Godin says that you’re going to have to fight for every single thing, forever and ever. It’s really unlikely that they will pick you, anoint you or hand you the audience and support you seek. I agree 100%

No one will ever realize just how extraordinary you are, how generous, charismatic, or caring.

That pretty much doesn’t happen, except for just a handful of people who win some sort of cosmic lottery, who get ‘discovered’ while hawking bread by the street and turned into a super-model, who are on the fast track to CEO of the company merely for being the son of the Chairman, who gets the huge government contract for being the son of a loyal influential APC chieftain, who gets the big record label deal merely for being spotted in the right place at the right time.


Those people, it turns out, those few, end up quite unhappy. You might imagine that you’d like to be in their shoes, but they spend every day feeling both entitled and fraudulent.

You, on the other hand, get the privilege of the struggle, of working your ass off to make a difference. Its the difference between going to the gym to build muscles or just opting to go under a knife and get some plastic surgeon to insert fake biceps and triceps. Others may admire it, but you know the difference. Success isn’t so much what you get but also the person who you become while getting there.

Sooner than later the world shall celebrate you. Hang in there and keep showing up consistently and giving the world ALL you have to give.

Make it rain.

P/S: By 1:15pm (Monday 22nd August) I’ll be interviewed by Terri Padonu on We 106.3F.M. It’s going to last for at least 2 hours. I’ll be talking on how to revamp your marketing strategy and business model. Tune in if you can,  I promise to make it worth your while. Thanks.


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One thought on “I’ve got a bit of bad news….

  1. Just stumbled on your interview on the radio a few moment ago. I only heard askebuka.com as u were concluding. I did and I got inspired.