Keep a Date with Destiny

Your capability is infinite. That’s how you were created, as a god, in God’s own image and likeness. It’s your default settings.

However much of how you use your installed capacity depends upon the identity you have placed on this brand called- YOU. Some have customized themselves and therefore either hindered themselves or unleashed their full potential.

Arthur W. Jones once said that all organizations are perfectly aligned to get the results they get. In a similar vein, we as individuals eventually get our life results based on the way we run our lives. You’re either broke, rich, in debt, or cash strapped, depressed, frustrated, excited, passionate, loved, famous or infamous based on decisions you took once upon a time.

Your results may be large or small, but that mostly depends on the seeds (actions) you’ve sown and the quality of soil (relationships) you have cultivated. Wherever you are today, you made an appointment once upon a time to be there.

So to get any changes in life you must consider three areas of your life:

1. Your personal leadership.

2. Time management

3. Quality of friends and associations you have.

In these 3 areas, you can be and must be 100% responsible. So starting right now, promise yourself that you would be more intentional about your future. Because 10 years from today, your kids will either be happy or hungry based on all the tiny seemingly insignificant habits, actions and thoughts you sow today.

Jim Rohn sums it best, “You cannot change your destiny overnight but you can change your direction starting right now”.

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