Leaving it for God

We tend to abandon ourselves to the comfort of our religion especially here in Nigeria. People be paying tithes to churches since 1900 and hoping that singular action will lead to some sort of financial breakthrough. Others be paying first seed religiously and hoping that somehow it will manifest as a harvest of financial abundance.

Don’t get it wrong, I’m not against paying tithes or offering first seed and Thanksgiving, but do not assume that it is like a National Lottery, and someday you will score big as a result. God is not mocked. You’re better off figuring a way to save 10% of your income and getting compound interest on your money so you can further invest in a small business or entrepreneurial venture- they’re not both the same thing.

But as most Nigerians who have been spoon-fed with questionable religious trash since they were kids, I see some people go to churches with a long shopping list, asking for things like: a new car, house rent, boyfriend, land in Abuja, job promotion, connection, Mac lipstick, Michael Kors bag, iPhone 5s. Then the pastor tells them to put this list in an envelope along with their tithe or “love gift” to God and he will pray over these letters. One guy who used to work for me, gave up his then expensive Blackberry phone as a “love gift” to one smooth talking Abuja-based popular pastor. Two years later, he’s still on a cheap Nokia phone. So much for prayers.

We tend to leave everything for God, from our politics to our future welfare. The taxi driver hits you from behind and damages your car bumper and rear lights, the crowd including the policemen on duty urges you to “just leave it for God”. Where does his 3rd party insurance come in?

The hospital nurse, out of sheer negligence, stupidity, ignorance or a potent mix of all 3 factors, allows the air escape from a hole in the oxygen tube meant to resuscitate the patient. The man dies gasping for breath. The doctors, hospital staff and general public plead with you to “just leave it for God”. Where does justice come in?

You work at a company for 9 solid years and sometime in November for no good reason, you find yourself sacked because the economy took a downturn or the new boss doesn’t like your face. Now you’re out of work, got no money for Christmas, have outstanding school fees for your 3 kids and your landlord doesn’t want to hear no stories. Yet your former colleagues who were lucky to escape the sledgehammer plead with you not to go to the Industrial Court but instead “leave it for God”.

These stories provided above are all true stories. Now if we leave all our problems for God, of what use then is our brains? What role does hard work, diligence, discipline, law and order play in the society?

I think some things shouldn’t be left for God. Sometimes man must stand up and do what he believes to be right. Take a stand and fight. And if God doesn’t want a fight, maybe then he should send an angel to referee in the fight or separate it. But just absconding from taking personal responsibility for our outcome isn’t the best way to deciding our future.

Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. And vice versa. What happens next is really up to us. But at all times, we must choose to be at cause not at effect. We must make a decision not to raise our hands helplessly and leave it to God. Rather we must exercise our first fundamental human right to think creatively, problem solve and take action. After all we are not trees stuck in one location regardless of the weather. We have gray matter in our heads, veins in our hands and shoes on our feet; we can go wherever we want, do whatever we like, and exercise our personal power in shaping our desired future. Creation is and always will be a partnership between man and God. Let’s become co-creators in shaping our future instead of just leaving it for God alone.

God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you will ever possibly put to use in just one lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop and utilize as much talent and ability as you can in this one lifetime which you have been given. That’s why God did not create tyres, but created rubber trees. He didn’t create cement, but He gave us limestone. He didn’t create Gucci bags, he gave us animals with leather instead. Life indeed is nothing but a joint venture between man and God. So please STOP leaving it for God, you have a role to play.

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11 thoughts on “Leaving it for God

  1. For some strange reason, I am reminded of a saying commonly attributed to the US ROTC, something along the lines of “Your enemy’s duty is to die in defense of his country. Your duty is to see that your enemy does his duty.”

    Okay, this is rather extreme in civil engagements but the underlying message remains.

    Of course, within the boundaries of reason and empathy based on true and balanced assessment of the situation, we must learn to ensure that what is right is done and that we don’t become willingly helpless victims of someone else’s actions, all in the name of leaving it to God, for God, by God, in God or whatever else suits, soothes and salves our irresponsibility at that point.

    And IF FOR NOTHING ELSE, we must do it to ensure that some unsuspecting person in the future doesn’t become a victim of same action too.

    Thank you!

  2. Hmmm…. What more needs to be said? Lobatan as d Yorubas would say. End of story! Thanks Ebuka. Making some life changes now from this your write up.

  3. Always a delight reading from you whenever possible. Your line of thoughts and articulations are way out of this clime. Thanks for this great reminder, wished this could be shared in several pulpits scattered across Nigeria and Africa. The God factor in all situations has stolen our humanity and embolden our level of gullility. Thanks for sharing the Light always to free man from grave and ancient ignorant.

    • Hi Charity. Thanks for writing in. I don’t pay tithes, give first seeds or all of that stuff that most pastors tell you would make you a better christian. But if you want to do all of that, please be my guest. I don’t believe Jesus died so we can all pay tithes.

      • OK, but are you a christian? do you go to church and give offering? your piece makes sense anyway, so what do you do with ten percent of your income.