Less Religion. More Loving.

A child born into a Christian home automatically becomes a Christian by virtue of their upbringing and indoctrination.

A child of devout Muslim parents will inevitably walk the path of Islam.

Same scenario will play out with the children of Jews, Buddhists & Hindus. So why do we continually fight over whose religion is the ‘right’ path to Heaven? Different nations, different tribes, different people and different beliefs.

Personally I believe that the best way to argue on the merits and virtues of ANY religion is to show love. Maybe its time we stop feeding our people more religion and start showing them more love. Reports show that there are thousands of innocent and poor kids dying daily of hunger and sickness in IDP camps all across the North-East Nigeria, how much money has your mosque or church raised to feed, clothe, treat and shelter them?

Oya its another Sunday go and ask your pastor. If they can demand your tithes, you should demand accountability and responsibility of its use.

Oya chop Bible.

Oya chop Bible.

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