Let’s Go Sell Something

Politicians, pastors and prostitutes are each selling something. Your local politician is selling a flowery-pipe dream on a Vision 2020 document. The pastor on T.V is selling something about prosperity and providence. The girl at the corner in the red mini, well you know what she’s selling…

Everyone makes a living off selling something. The more successful you get at selling, the more financially independent you can become.

Everyone can sell, if they have enough reasons to do so. It’s never quite a question of “Can you sell?” a more accurate question is “Will you sell?”

Selling is a transference of confidence. Confidence is an emotion, and emotions do have energy behind them. Energy is transferable.

The person with the most confidence in her services, has more reason and energy in communicating her beliefs with complete congruence and conviction. Ultimately she wins.

If you want to get paid, find something you believe in and then represent it. I can teach you how to.

If you’re interested in a private coaching class or group training on this subject matter, just call me on: 08064393711 or simply email hello@jeanpaulconsult.com. For more information on our 2015 training courses designed to make you soar higher, visit www.jeanpaulconsult.com.

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