Letter to a Coach

Dear Coach,

Please the next time you write, do it for its own sake; to serve someone with a piece of your mind not just shine or show off your literary prowess. This is not a WAEC English essay.

Write to inform, inspire or enlighten. Just like you must never start a love letter stating, “To Whom it May Concern”, always write intentionally, like you were writing to a single friend, not a crowd of faceless people.

Never write for the Facebook likes or the retweets on Twitter and mere statistics – you’re not Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija. Besides if your expectations for retweets aren’t met, then you quickly become disillusioned and stop serving others. When you’re out shopping for compliments, you always end up disappointed.

Oh! And when you speak, choose to empower not just impress. This is not some comedy show. Speak with deep conviction, not just a deep baritone. Remember conviction eats confidence for breakfast. So speak with a voice that comes from your practical experience and sincerity, not a mere regurgitated version of quotes and phrases lifted off from John Maxwell’s or Brian Tracy’s books.

Never accept speaking assignments for mere applause or cheap popularity or money. Do it because you truly care to contribute, make impact, add value and see others succeed. Do it because you have a message that you just have to get off your chest.

Flowery words and lexical prowess may impress but for a while. Soon it is forgotten like the lyrics of a song you heard just once on the radio. Besides you’re not Anthony Robbins or Les Brown, so a little more humility please.

Impact comes from sharing your story in a way that is meaningful, personal and genuine. Don’t be shy to show your vulnerability, your audience will appreciate it more than your conquest stories.

Choose to write to others not for vain glory but for service alone. For to write is like a praying. But if you must use a microphone and have a spotlight on you every single time, then you’re no longer praying….

Most times, the best prayers are silent. Also it doesn’t hurt to also learn the Speakers Prayer. It might come in handy in your next public address shortly before you grab that mic.

“Lord help me to impact and not just to impress. Teach me to serve and not just to shine. Amen”.

Be Your Best,

Ebuka J. Anichebe.

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13 thoughts on “Letter to a Coach

  1. Lord help me to impact not to impress! U have done just that to my life today. Thanks for sharing this. Welldone Ebuka

  2. ………..At the end of everything the impact of the message is what matters. Thanks so much for this epic write-up, God bless you. Happy new month

  3. Even though am not officially a speaker nor writer, this article of lessons have been instructive.

    Daalu Sir

    • You’re welcome Chibuzor. I think the same principle applies to everyone who is meaningfully engaged in service to others whether you are a speaker, work man or trader. Realize that you cant treat everyone alike and your message/product/service isn’t meant for everyone. So taking out time to see your customers/clients/consumers as individuals instead of just the “masses”

  4. Yes! Ebuka. Profound write-up as usual. This is a perspective we should equally adopt in anything we want to be successful in.. in life as well. I appreciate you, sir. Stay blessed

    • I think God is willing to help everyone. Question is do we want to help ourselves. Its not enough to have the knowledge, you have to be willing to use it also. Everyone can have a six-pack, but does everyone want it or are they willing to go through 100 sit-ups daily?

      We cant hire God to do our own sit-ups for us.

  5. Needful!

    “Lord help me to impact and not just to impress. Teach me to serve and not just to shine. Amen”.

    Thanks for sharing.