Life Doesn’t Follow Protocol

Death Makes No Appointments

On Wednesday I had tried calling a professional acquaintance several times to request for his updated personal profile for a training proposal I was putting together.

There was no response or call back on his end. Admittedly I was considerably upset as I imagined that he should know that calling him this incessantly wasn’t just to say “hello”.

On Thursday I called again 3 more times, still no answer. I’m tempted to call for an alternative, but this guy is really good at his craft.

So later around 5:30p.m on my way home from work I get a phone call from a strange number. The man introduces himself as a younger brother to Emmanuel Usman.

He proceeds to inform me that my friend, Emmanuel Usman, had passed away on the 18th of September and has since been buried. He died of hypertension.

I was driving when that call came in and for the next 5 minutes my head went blank and I was driving on auto-pilot and headed straight home instead of first stopping by my children’s school for pick-up.

I was quite a shocker and a rude awakening.

3 lessons learnt:

1. Check your vitals regularly and manage your health. Take your prescribed medications regularly!

2. At the point of death, everyone is replaceable. Life and Death doesn’t follow protocol.

3a. Don’t get mad when the other person doesn’t pick up your call; you have no idea what may be going on. Do stay in touch more often!

3b. Picking up the phone when driving can be dangerous as you have no idea what message you may receive.

Rest in peace Emmanuel Usman. I hope you are in a happy place.

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