Life is in Stages

‎The black ant may be small but when it crawls up your pant and bites you, your scream will be much louder and longer than Holyfield did when bitten by Mike Tyson.

Those who you look down on today may end up becoming tomorrow’s heroes- just think back on your old classmates from school… today’s successes were once seen as the most unlikely. It’s all about leverage and timing. The ant does better in a drought than an elephant. It’s about foresight and planning.

Sometimes a taste of hardship at the onset makes the self-made man a lot more compassionate and understanding than the Crown Prince who has never tasted hardship nor experienced the pangs of hunger. ‎

Life imitates nature. So just like the egg turns into the larvae, which in turn becomes a pupa and later transforms into a butterfly. We too must go through stages of transformation until we become a success.

Bottom line, wherever you are in life is right were you are supposed to be at this point. Appreciate the lessons, let the struggle build your resilience. A movie is rated as a Blockbuster when the actor has to overcome several struggles, hardship and battles. If you’re still alive and breathing, then it’s not the end and your story is not over yet.

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