Life is like a Telenovela

You know what they say, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks to you like a nail. As a writer and speaker nearly every experience, good or bad, looks to me like a good story to glean lessons from and share with others. So for me life is like one really long conversation.

The reason I titled my first book, Make Your Life a Blockbuster, is because my personal philosophy is that: life is like a movie. Perhaps more accurately though, life is a soap-opera with different actors playing different roles at different episodes. Of course you are the star-actor (at least you ought to be).

If you’ve ever watched the Spanish soap-operas like the ones my wife compels me to watch on Telemundo, you will soon realize that it’s all a short series of conversations well pieced together. ‚ÄéMost of our daily life is about having these conversations with others.


At least a big part of life is about the communication that takes place between yourself and others. But a much more important part is about the ones you have with yourself.

As an entrepreneur running a consultancy outfit for over 10 years and having explored projects in several business sectors from branding and advertising, web design services, event management, magazine publishing, personal development and human capacity building, entertainment, food and beverages and real estate development. It’s easy to see a common thread when looking back now and connecting the dots; it leads me to the realization that I have done all these due to the conversations I have had with other people.

Every great conversation leads to a number of things: ideas, inspiration or insights. It tends to leave you feeling better and buzzing with new energy and a clarity of your vision.

A big part of life is about choosing to have conversations with the right people. A good movie is defined not only by the star actor/actress but also the other supporting actors and actresses. They add colour, variety and value to your life.

Unfortunately, historically we don’t always pick the right people to surround ourselves with. Rather we allow circumstances and our immediate environment choose that for us. This ultimately affects our level of conversation both with others and the ones happening inside our own head.

A good boxer needs a coach to make him a champion. A good tennis player, chess master, golfer, poker player needs to practice with other great players to become a great player. The same thing needs to happen to every good actor in this mini-series called Life.

Surround yourself with the right people and the conversations you hold with them will lead to new ideas, insights and breakthrough innovations will happen naturally just as water kept inside a refrigerator is bound to get cool.

When two friends go on a walk something happens naturally. Either one person adjusts to the walking pace of the other person and can walk at a slower or a faster pace. How fast are you going with the friend you spend the most time with?

Stay with mediocre folks and the same mediocrity is soon bound to be your portion also, as it takes more than one great actor to make a great movie, you need an entire cast.

Go ahead, make your life a Blockbuster!

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