Life Offers a Buffet of Emotions

I love the idea of eating roasted fish and sharing chilled drinks after work hours with friends and business associates just debating over the news for hours. It makes me happy.

I love spending my Sundays with wife and kids, watching great movies and eating Chinese food from Afro-Asia Kitchen. That brings me joy.

I love the thrill of teaching a classroom full of eager students or a boardroom filled with ambitious executives. It gives me a thrill unlike anything else.

Of course I’d also love to fly in a private jet and live in an expensive pent floor suite in Vegas. ‎But if it doesn’t happen now, I’m not sitting around moping and waiting.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy or excited. I set my rules for happiness really low so it doesn’t take a million dollars to attain this state of happiness.

Anyone can be happy. It’s an emotion just like anger, love, sorrow, envy, gratitude, lust, fear, ecstasy and a host of other emotions. Some people just make it a lot harder to achieve this state because they have a rule that says, “Unless you have $1million dollars in your savings and regularly make $10,000 monthly from your business you can’t be truly satisfied and happy.” Others may have a rule that says, “Only when you are married ever after with kids can you find true happiness”. ‎

So they go through life wondering how others who are driving much older car models, earn lower income, are single and own much fewer possessions than they do are practically so excited that they’re literally jumping around like they have a spring installed in their heels and laughing like they were high on helium or on some really good Carlifornia weed. ‎

My dear, it’s your rules. You can change it. No one said you shouldn’t be ambitious or dream BIG. No one also said you can’t be both ambitious, grateful, happy, passionate and generous all at the same time. You can eat your cake and have more.

Life offers a buffet of emotions and experiences. You get to choose what you want on your plate. But the emotions you choose will always change the taste of your experiences. Just like there is a difference between eating potato chips with ketchup or vinegar. ‎

Choose to decide and control your emotions intentionally.‎ If you want to feel a particular emotion simply act as if you already feel that way. You’ll find that your motions can control your emotion in much the same way as your emotions also controls your motions.

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9 thoughts on “Life Offers a Buffet of Emotions

  1. Truth!.. Most people let circumstances of life affect their emotions. Such people rarely find happiness. Whereas you should let your emotions control your circumstances. It’s just like a friend of mine says.. Life isn’t happening to you, it’s responding to you. Stay blessed

  2. Same Potato (life) you can either have it with ketchup or vinegar (now that my power to choose). Thank God I have the power to choose!