Like a Punch in the Face

Ideas are easy to come by. You’re in the bathroom having a shower, taking an evening stroll, mindlessly smoking shisha in a garden, or reclined on a sofa contemplating on the mystery of life and then a powerful idea hits you right out of the blue, smack into your head like a powerful blow delivered by Floyd Mayweather.

Punch in the face

But the hard part is bringing your ideas to birth. To find ways to express it. Too often we suppress and eventually abort our ideas from stifling it or waiting too long until it loses its golden moment and steam. Ideas were meant to be expressed not suppressed.

Most times we have a powerful idea that can totally rock our world, but then we tell ourselves stories of why we should wait a bit longer, be more careful, analyze one more thing. We fear that our ideas might get stolen or that maybe someone with access to more capital would become a competitor the minute you start and then sweep you off your feet and steal your market share.

So we stall and tell ourselves stories with unhappy endings. We gradually talk ourselves out of daring. Then one casual Tuesday, you’re driving down the road or reading a news article online and then wham!

Mayweather vs. Gatti

That blow again from Mayweather. You’re certain that an idea you had once upon a time is staring you in the face. Someone else has started it. It’s not exactly how you imagined but there it is. Your head starts spinning and you’re talking incoherently to anyone who cares to listen on how you once had the very same idea. Story for the gods….

Ever heard of term “agency of ideas”? Well it’s a concept that our great ideas have a will and mind of their own, and if you don’t act on them, it will move on to someone else.

If Zuckerberg didn’t come up with Facebook, someone else would have! If Jobs didn’t invent the iPod, someone else would have. It might have taken another year or two, but inevitably it would still happen.

It may never have occurred to you that maybe your original idea has a power of its own. Think about it: Your ideas have chosen you, and they are counting on you to trust your greatness and take up the challenge. But they will not wait forever.

When you have an idea, the first thing you should do is write it down. Send a text message or email to yourself. Prove that it was your original idea via the power of legitimacy that a digital footprint provides. That takes care of you being afraid someone will casually steal your idea without a legal fight. You know why Mark Zuckerberg paid several million dollars to the twins? Well they had dozens of emails, instant messages swapped and text messages to prove that they had a similar idea. A well negotiated out of court settlement can quickly get you from an 8 to 5 job into an early retirement playing golf.

But before you start day-dreaming, you would do well to also invest in a patent or trademark. And before showing anyone your business plan, have them sign a simple non-disclosure agreement, have a lawyer friend do it for you or simply download one online. If you don’t have a lawyer friend, you can use my lawyer, Yejide Bello, she’s very good. Remember that a pen and paper beats a promise and a pat on the back. So always put it on paper.

Next thing you should do when you have a good idea is to surround yourself with people like you. Don’t stay with pigeons and expect a masterclass on “How to Soar With Eagles“. You’ll get nowhere. When two people take a walk together, something subconscious happens, one either slows down to the pace of the another or quickens it. Otherwise they fall out of sync.

Some ideas never leave us. They keep nagging. Sometimes we keep ignoring it until we get old and tired. Then we start imagining what life would have been if only we dared. I think I wrote about this regret here

Ideas are like unprotected sex. At first they’re easy and quick to have. It also feels quite good also. But if they are to be of lasting benefit to you, bringing them to life would require all that you have- your commitment, time and love to bring to birth. Are you ready to push?

Woman screaming in labour

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4 thoughts on “Like a Punch in the Face

  1. True Sir,
    However,the experience and commitment of birthing that idea nevertheless can feel like walking a tightrope…almost impossible to pull off… especially without a guide of some kind.

    • No doubt a guide is necessary in launching successfully a new idea. Fortunately, help is everywhere. You can get a consultant to help you in niche areas where you think are your weak areas. Or you could get a coach to assist you get over the limiting beliefs you have. Or you could get a mentor to provide you with his/her insight and experience and ask you the right questions to help clarify your vision. Or you could just keep reading 🙂