Live and Let Live

Yesterday was the International Men’s Day!!! A day set aside to honour and appreciate the men in your life.

So I was invited as a guest on #TheConversation with Angela Omeiza Ochu-Baiye on We F.M 106.3 earlier today.

Got there and found out that my buddies, Ojobo Agbo and Jenny Chisom were also co-guests.

So we had a swell time catching up and sharing our thoughts on male disempowerment and entitlement… until one guy calls in and starts to query my choice of having named Aliko Dangote as one of my mentors.

So, the show host asks him who his own mentors were, he said his was Buhari.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I just smiled and kept quiet.

Brethren, our job isn’t to please people.

God didn’t call you to be a people pleaser.

Jesus, Mohammed and the other great prophets didn’t please every one.

Neither did Fela or Rosa Parks.

There is no pleasing everyone. Just live true to your own values and stand on your beliefs.

Live and let live. Don’t go about tearing others down in the same time you could be building yourself up.

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