Love as a Counter-Terrorism Weapon

‎Every farmer knows that one apple can ruin the entire barrel. One sick chicken can cause a H1N1 virus scare across a nation. One pit-bull attack on an infant can give an entire breed of dogs a bad name.

In the same way, the actions of a few Islamic extremists can trigger an epidemic of fear across nations.

I do not believe that Islam is a violent religion, after all huge portions of the U.N Charter on Rules of Engagement during war ‎was derived from the Koran.

So let’s stop with the fear mongering, pointing fingers and blatant name calling of Muslims. Together we must come up with a strategy to find new ways to speak against the growing evil of religious extremism. Muslims must speak up of course but also Christians must do what we’re mandated to do by virtue of our religion, we must show love. This of course is easier said than done, but it’s a more viable long-term strategy to combating religious extremism.

Those who carry guns, blow up themselves are desperately most in need of a hug and love than we might think. ‎Terrorists are humans also and although their behaviour is no doubt despicable, they surely do have the same underlying need for acceptance, belonging and security.

The French terrorists mostly didn’t have any jobs, the Nigerian terrorists operating in the North eastern parts of the nation have the same challenge of unemployment. Perhaps if we showed these folks some love earlier on, they would never be seduced by radicals. Perhaps…

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