Make a Commitment

I love my kids…. especially when they’re asleep. Their cute smiles, rosy cheeks and small milk teeth and all…. now it’s not just because they are my kids, I also love my nephews, neices, the neighbour’s kids as much as the kids I saw at the Kingdom Kids Klub orphanage in Jos. Loved them so much, I had two kids in the last two years. They’re so beautiful even when they cry (but not at night). So no thanks, I don’t want to have to babysit your kids.

Now I find it’s easy to love kids when you don’t have to be personally responsible for raising them. It’s the hard work that makes parenting less seductive.

I guess this journey to parenthood is similar in more ways than one to becoming a success in life. Sure of success are generally appealing for many. It’s the hard work to getting to the top that makes it less seductive and appealing and so many people drop out along the way.

But if you can make a commitment to becoming successful, just like a good parent makes an unwavering commitment to raising his kids- sooner or later, you’ll find that it although it never gets easier, you’ll get better at it. Are you committed to achieving your goals?

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