Make Your Life a Blockbuster

People sometimes ask me questions on my choice of name for the book titled- Make Your Life a Blockbuster, they want to know why I chose that particular name? Does it have any deeper meaning?

The book title is a metaphor to signify that life is like a movie. The script of this movie is in our hands as directors. We can choose to write, rewrite and change certain parts of our life story at any time. Though we may not be able to edit the past, we can change what it means to us.

The friends we keep. are the supporting actors in our movie. The better your support actors are, the more you increase your chances of making your movie a blockbuster.

The choice we have daily, is in deciding what roles we and our friends play in our movie, we also determine how we rehash the past events in our montage and what type of soundtrack (internal voice) we have in our minds- scary, funny, calming or totally random. These features can totally change our emotions and sense of who we are.

Ultimately God is our Executive Producer but the success of this movie completely rests on our individual ability and motivation to make do with the resources we have been given.

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