Men are in Different Sizes

Life is in different phases

Given a choice, it’s easy to compare between two oranges- which one is bigger, riper or sweeter. We’ve been engaged in this game since we were kids: whose cup size took an unfair share of the Fanta, whose Christmas dress/hairstyle looked better, whose bicycle/school-bag looked cooler, whose bra size was bigger. We’re expert at this comparison game now.

Unfortunately as we get older we don’t leave behind such childishness, rather it perpetuates and soon we are comparing our relationships, careers, finances, love lives ¬†and kids I.Q with our friends, neighbours, Facebook acquaintances and even reality T.V stars.

We compare our perfectly imperfect lives with another’s picture-perfect, stage crafted, airbrushed photographs on social media. It’s not hard to then understand why some ladies are frequently upset, constantly struggling or complaining. It’s painful to watch them count another’s blessings and completely discount theirs.

Men are in sizes. Life in phases. Live your life according to your size. Resist the temptation to compare your spouse’s present status with that of another. Fortunately you have no idea what the next 4 years will bring along. The past history is usually a poor predictor of a individual’s future destiny.

Enough said.


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