Mind Who You Share Your Dreams With


Growing up I was confused… You see my Bible didn’t say anything about young Joseph owning a larger farmland or posessing far more cattle than any of his brothers. All it said was that he dreamt it.

Dream fa! He had not even set out to attain this dream as a goal. Yet his own blood brothers got envious and sold him out. His own elder brothers o! Ehen… not even his village pipo, cousins or friends were involved. So that sellout got me confused!!!

So this Monday morning, I’m telling you not to share your dreams with small-minded people. Unless of course you are a politician and need their votes. That one is different…

Envy is real. And it seems all social media helps you do is to amplify it!

So some people you entrust with your plans will intentionally mislead you, if you share your ideas with them.

Others will even dissuade you from adopting a particular strategy. They may give you sincerely bad advice like:

“Don’t do that follow-for-follow thing”

Or “Don’t goan pay for influencers, they will just eat your money just use sponsored ads.”

Or “Don’t pay anybody for graphics design just use Canva app.”

Or “Don’t pay any yeye online coach, just use Google”.

They may be sincere and say all of this with good intentions. But sincerity is not a test of truth.

A few will later gossip about you with other people and say.”Abeg, what is this one feeling like? Dangote?”

So my friend, if you must share your dreams and visions of the future out of naive excitement; please talk it out with your mother. At least, she will pray for you.

Or preferably get a coach/mentor who will sharpen your vision and help you with a strategy that helps to achieve it.

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