Na Dem Dey Rush You?

During a coaching call, after sharing some marketing ideas with a new client who is into home cleaning services, she asks me, “But Coach, won’t some people laugh at me?”

I replied, “So what? At least you have their attention and a reaction! The worst thing you can be doing is putting out content and then getting nothing but silence in return!”

Plus I’ve stopped trying to figure out why people act the way they do! That’s just not possible!

Some people love to hate self-proclaimed gay celebrity,Bob Risky, yet he is thriving!

Haters be beefing Igwe Tupac for being 100% original, but the guy is waxing strong!

Listen guys, some will mock at your initial efforts, some laugh at you with their weird best friend, some will sneer and say “everybody dey form hustler”, some will follow you, some will like all your posts, some comment and engage actively, and finally some will buy.

Your job is to focus on your buyers, fans and followers.

Note what made them tick. Listen to them and ask for feedback.

Then repeat consistently.

Don’t chase the unbelievers. Dont think of what they are thinking! Don’t hope to win the love and affections of everyone. Life is NOT a Democracy and you’re not running for elections.

Focus on your goals and soon enough na dem go dey rush you!



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