Nation Building

Once upon a time, my twin brother, Chuka and I used to be fierce Arsenal supporters several years ago. We’d proudly scream, “Gunners for Life!”

Then our team had a huge spell of sustained losses for nearly a decade and we completely gave up on them. My twin brother switched his loyalty to Manchester United, but I simply haven’t looked back at the EPL since then.

In retrospect, I can understand why we were frustrated. We would yell till our voices got hoarse at the TV screen while they suffered defeat after defeat, weekend after weekend. Then our friends who supported other more dependable teams would mock us for days on end while we mumbled and grumbled over Arsene Wenger’s strategy. Nothing changes when you’re yelling on the sidelines.

Today it’s like deja vu all over again. I see otherwise smart Nigerians yelling from the sidelines while PDP politicians and Boko Haram elements hijack our economy and ruin it. We suffer needlessly at the hands of other nationalities when applying for visas and they mock us. Still all we ever do is complain!

I know dozens of motivational speakers, coaches and consultants on my BBM list. So this message is for all of us — perhaps it’s time we joined in the political process, register your membership with a party, lend them your voice and sound ideas. Or align with a politician whom you believe in. Get involved, remember, faith without works is dead.

We can’t decamp from Nigeria like I did from Arsenal; but if this is the only option we have, then let’s live for it and if need be, let’s prepare to defend our nationality and hopes with our freedom!

The legitimacy of your ambition as a nation builder is only going to be measured by your sacrifices made, not by broadcasts on BBM and Whatsapp, posts made on blogs and Facebook pages, tweetathons or by speeches made at seminars and workshops.

Let’s build our nation together!

Warm Regards,

Ebuka Anichebe J.P

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One thought on “Nation Building

  1. Nicely said.
    But then, when the said politicians, consistently refuse to listen to sound ideas or endorse sound plans, what alternative do we have?
    Sacrifices have been made, blood has been shed. The problem is in the system and not its people. The system needs a total overhaul.