New Book Release: The Smart Hustler Playbook

Mindset vs. Skillset

There is a mindset for doing business. Most people may have the skill set but not the mindset.

Some of our parents may have paid for skill-set via expensive degrees and certifications. But only you get to build the mindset.

You can do this through personal studying and observation of great minds — biographies, through seeking personal coaching, submission to mentoring, studying the classic books, modelling parents.

There is a mindset that can be taught. A way of doing business in Nigeria.

You may have the BIGGEST & BEST skill-set in the world, like Donald Trump would like to brag about his team.

But without the mindset, you’ll find you’re just another job for hire. Always at the mercy of others.

Work on building both your skill-set and mindset is ultimately the ideal.

Here is a book that can help you further do a little bit of both.

Place your orders for a physical copy.

Costs just N5,000

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