Nigerian Youths are Demoralised not Lazy

We were wrongly misdiagnosed!

I dont even want to talk about the elections held in Kogi & Bayelsa State. It gets me so upset.

It just goes to show that the devil you know (PDP) might be better than the demon (APC) you dont know.

Just see how our youths are mobilized to cause mayhem, oppress and destroy vote

Nigerians, whether old or young, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. That’s why even mothers of boys engaged in internet fraud are now forming associations to justify their children’s behaviour.

See eh, being a Nigerian youth is the MOST DIFFICULT THING. But IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

The system failed you, the politicians and religious bodies failed you. Those who were to ensure the sucess of your future squandered it.


They might have stolen all the opportunities from you, please dont let them steal your happiness too. Try and get an EXIT PLAN also.

God didn’t create you just to live and die in this little corner of the world were you were born. You were created to take dominion of the Earth. Please go on and do so.

Who can blame you for wanting a better life?


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