Nigerians are Happy People, yes?

The Nigerian Senate has passed a bill seeking to officially increase VAT to 7.5%. Soon the House of Representatives will rubber stamp.

First they close the borders. Then they tax the people trying to do make the best of a bad situation!!! Who does that?? Well apparently, this administration has a different way of playing politics and introducing policies.

The 9th Assembly Senate has also just carried out a 2nd reading of the much debated legislation on Social Media Regulation or as is commonly know as Hate Speech Bill. At this rate of speed, pretty soon it will be passed into law.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world, Chileans are protesting throughout the country in response to a raise in the Santiago Metro’s subway fare and the increased cost of living prevalent in the country.

Also that reminds me, the Hong Kong protests, there are ongoing demonstrations by youths triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the Hong Kong government.

And right now in Lebanon, there are protests, the people are motivated by the Lebanese government’s failure to find solutions to an economic crisis that has been looming for the past year.

But here in Nigeria, we don’t misbehave like those ill-mannered Lebanese and badly-behaved Chileans. We respect ourselves and cough up higher taxes to support our over-paid elected officials.

We don’t protest any bill because all our roads are very good, education is free, hospitals are great, crime and unemployment is at an all time low and there is no suffering in the land. Can’t you see we are all very happy?

This is a love letter to every Nigerian. Thank you for keeping the peace and unity of our dear nation. Continue to keep doing so.

Our mumu too strong. Even our lawmakers and security agencies know it it’s an open secret. So how do we practice Democracy without public debates and criticisms? By nature Democracy is meant to be rowdy, boisterous and debatable. How did we miss this?

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬

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