Not Everyone Wants to be Dangote

It may come as a surprise to some, but not everyone wants to be like Nigeria’s richest businessman. Don’t get it twisted, most people would like to own his fleet of cars, private jet, houses and of course his mega-sized bank account; but many won’t want to deal with the headache of running such a large business- a behemoth to say the least.


And just in case you’re wondering, not everyone wants to be Linda Ikeji either. Most people would of course want to be able to afford buying a multi-million naira property in Banana Island, Lagos (see picture below) or a property in Maitama, Abuja. But not everyone would want the fame or notoriety of being the top gossip girl in Africa’s most populous nation. ‎


And if you are an entrepreneur or a blogger, you shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling this way. Some people have the drive, ambition and personal power to succeed on such a phenomenal scale like Aliko Dangote. Some bloggers have the thick skin and black heart to deal with haters and stalkers like Linda Ikeji. Others are simply content with having a business that can take care of the bills, school fees, annual holiday and buy a brand new car every two years.

Before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I used to think the ultimate goal of every self-respecting entrepreneur was to become as rich as Bill Gates, own several businesses like Richard Branson or become as powerful and motivated as Anthony Robbins. Not anymore.

While for some it must be phenomenal to have a net-worth in ten digits and travel the world in private jets and get half of the politicians in the country listed on your payroll. For some others, it is equally great just having a house with no mortgage, two or three functional cars, a loving healthy family, a small team of loyal staff and a league of happy customers.

Either path you decide, I urge you to choose to grow where you are. Growth and success are relative terms. An iroko tree may grow by several feet each year, while an orange tree may not grow in physical size but can produce twice as many oranges this year as it did last year. Success is in the eye of the beholder.

Beautiful and crooked

A baker, fashion designer, consultant, chef, coach or consultant may decide to open several branches, outlets, showrooms, customers or offices nationwide. Another with equally the same talent may decide to stay content with having one online website, work from the comfort of their home-office and yet have a long, long, long waiting list of eager customers waiting to purchase their products or services. Which is more successful?

Again, success is in the eye of the beholder. But whatever you’re up to, choose to grow intentionally. You can either expand your business to have more branches or simply decide to remain local but grow your game professionally, hone your expertise, sharpen your edges and deliver world-class service at local rates. It’s up to you really.

What drives people into the crazy world of Entrepreneurship are their own set of values. Some are in the game for power. Others are in it for the passion and freedom it affords them. Some are in it to avoid scarcity in their lives. Others are here to find success, which many never quite sit down to define clearly and so they keep chasing after it but never quite find it- like the elusive pink panther. A few are in it for significance.

Life's road

Bottom line, never let another man’s yardstick become the measure of your success. Find your own path by tuning into your intuition, write down your vision and goals, develop a strategy towards achieving these goals, never mind the naysayers and haters. Stick to your path and let your intuition guide you. Life is a journey with very many roads and yours may still be under construction. But pave a way and many others will soon follow your lead.

I salute your greatness!

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