on Boiling Kettles and Melting Candles


Have you ever watched a kettle boil?

Or patiently sat still and watched a lit candle melt in its stand?

This simple task forces you to focus, quieten the mind and be patient.

Now it may seem to take ages but eventually it does happen- the kettle boils over and the candle melts down into nothing but wax!

Knowing the end from the beginning will help you know how to start and more importantly on how to persevere.

There are two salient lessons here:

1. Be the first to act, light your candle, put your kettle on fire.

2. Be resolute and patient in your hustle, even when the desired outcome may not seem imminent. Realize that when you set out initially may not materialise as soon as you’d like but eventually it will happen. Be patient.

Every seed, every blade of grass, every egg, has an angel hovering over it whispering “Grow, grow, grow”. You too shall succeed, so relax and be anxious for nothing.

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