on Busy-bodies, Butterflies and Blockbusters

With over 6000+ advertisements, broadcasts, breaking news and headlines competing for your limited attention each day, it’s easy to see why most people seem to be perpetually in a hurry- the busy-bodies. You can identify these ones, jumping from one activity to the next, moving from one function to another. Movement without direction.

Then there are the others seem to be laid back as though life is one long holiday with absolutely nothing to do. They’re the ones spending their time watching every movie and mini-series, responding to every broadcast, reading every gossip, attending every party (invited and uninvited) – the social butterflies.

Then there are a few select who constantly are striving to make themselves a little better each day, to contribute more value, to increase. They surely have had more than the average person’s fair share of mistakes and disappointments but still choose to try again just one more time. Until one day… they make their lives a Blockbuster.

But this group of people are in the minority and although everyone can gain entrance, yet very few belong here- the blockbusters.

The busy-bodies and butterflies are those who are caught up in the game called Life. They mistake activity for purpose. Too busy hustling to make a living that they fail to have a truly purposeful life. They’re caught up in the small details and never look up to see the bigger picture. Who goes out on a journey without an idea where they’re headed? Only Fulani nomads maybe (and they are dangerous).

Every once in a while, pause and ask yourself just where you are headed. Would you like the person you would be if you continued this way in the next 5 years?

It’s easy to fall into patterns, it’s how our brain works. We seek the familiar cues and respond in the same behaviour and so we get ultimately the same results. We tend to then distort, delete or discard everything else which doesn’t conform into our pattern. When we have a pattern, it soon develops into a ritual. That’s why miserable people have miserable friends. And birds of a feather flock together. And people get older without getting wiser. And adults sometimes behave like kids because they are caught up in those childish habits and can’t seem to grow out of it.

Familiar patterns soon become habits (good or bad) that we can’t shake off or get rid of quite as easily as we picked it up. It’s how comfort zones are formed. How you can become a couch potato or an aimless bee buzzing around.

Are you still living in line with the plans you made for the New Year? Or have you fallen back into familiar patterns? It’s worth having a self-assessment every once in while. Go somewhere quiet this week. Be alone and think of your present self by yourself for your future self. And be honest to your self. You’re all you’ve got.

Jim Rohn said it best, we change ourselves either out of inspiration or desperation. So everyone in a while take a self-assessment and see if this version of yourself is taking you to the direction you want to go, if it isn’t working, then completely overhaul and reinvent yourself. Because the decisions you make today will determine whether your kids will be happy or hungry 10 years from now. Think about that.

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